A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Monster Madness is a card game where the objective is to reduce your opponents life to 0. You will have several monster cards to use. You may play them on either your field or your enemies field. When there are multiple creatures summoned on the same side of the field they stack and have their power and defense reduced. A monsters stats are calculated by base/# of stacked monsters. 

There are several things you should know:
1) You can summon as many cards as you have in your hand. The hand size is 5. You get 2 cards per turn.
2) Monsters cannot attack on their first turn. You can attack life directly, click on the heart.
3) When a monster attacks another monster both are damaged.
4) Summoning the same type of monster will refresh the monsters attack if already used.
5) Killing a monster reduces its stack by 1 and returns health/defense to the monster.
6) You may attack your own monsters to reduce the stack.

Special thanks to Barry and Toni for the wonderful music and art respectively.
For more art and other great stuff visit:   brooksandbelle.com 
For more music and musical programming visit:    blockwooddev.github.io


MonsterMadness.jar 9 MB